Stamford Transportation Center and Environs

The Stamford Transportation Center and Environs Transit Oriented Development Studio presented the results of their study and recommendations to activate the transportation center and surrounding area as a multi-modal gateway to Stamford by encouraging mixed use transit oriented development, prioritizing sustainable modes of transportation, and strengthening the City's role as a regional economic engine.

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Affordable Artist Housing

The Artist Housing Studio in the Urban Policy and Planning Graduate Program at Hunter College has compiled research from critical US cities, which has provided insight to answer three guiding questions: What is the definition of an artist when applied to affordable artist housing? Where has affordable housing for artists been successful? How can affordable [...]

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Equitable Development Certification

This studio focuses on the development of a certification process for rating real estate development projects in terms of their contribution to social and economic equality, similar to the way that LEED rates developments based on their use of green and sustainable practices. The certification process will eventually be used as a tool to educate [...]

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El Paseo del Barrio

Many of the city’s former industrial waterfronts in wealthier neighborhoods have seen abundant investments for revitalization efforts, but waterfront projects in densely populated and poor neighborhoods, including East Harlem, have been chronically underfunded. East Harlem is home to a large concentration of public housing, with over 30 percent of neighborhood residents living below the poverty [...]

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