Alumni Profile

Ariana Cipriani (MUP ’21) is an urban planner and community development professional passionate about fostering more equitable and inclusive neighborhoods through community planning and neighborhood economic development. She is interested in placemaking, commercial revitalization and small businesses, stakeholder engagement, and equitable development initiatives.

While at Hunter, Ariana concentrated in Community Planning and Economic Development. Her studio course in Spring 2020 focused on exploring community land trust opportunities in the Northwest Bronx. Working with the Bronx Cooperative Development Initiative, the studio team conducted stakeholder outreach and research, real estate analysis, and policy analysis to better understand how a mixed-used CLT model could be developed in the Bronx. This experience working with a team to find a creative solution for a client is what sparked her interest in urban planning and economic development consulting.

Her experience at Hunter provided in depth knowledge of planning policy and history, research and analysis skills, and helped to instill inclusivity and equity as guiding principles in her work as a planner.

Ariana is currently a Consultant at Karp Strategies.