The multi-disciplinary expertise of both our full-time and part-time faculty extends beyond traditional foci to include related specialties such as urban public health, history, governance, design and media. This unique blend of knowledge informs work in both the classroom and on the ground in communities, neighborhoods and cities around the world. As an added benefit, our part-time faculty is made up of working professionals who are experts in their own right and are able to bring volumes of experience and capacity to the classes they teach.

Newest Faculty

Please meet our new faculty members, Stefan Al, Elizabeth Marcello, and Mehdi Pourpeikari Heris.


Stefan Al Urban Design, Sustainability, Architecture
Nicholas Dagen Bloom Public and affordable housing, state and metroplitan planning, transportation policy and community planning history
John Chin community participation, urban health, immigrant communities and non-profits
Jill Simone Gross comparative international urban planning, policy & development, citizen participation
Owen Gutfreund urban history, transportation policy, suburbanization, sustainable development, public finance, and comparative urbanization
Mehdi Pourpeikari Heris Urban data analytics, applied GIS, urban heat and microclimates, and urban form policy analysis
Victoria Johnson organizations, cultural history, and the natural environment
Vivian Louie Asian American Studies, Immigration,
Elizabeth Marcello Urban governance, city-state relations, public authorities
Edwin Meléndez Latino studies, economic development, labor markets, poverty
Lily Baum Pollans Sustainability, urban infrastructure, environmental justice, municipal solid waste, qualitative research methods
Sigmund Shipp economic development, community development, cultural competency and diversity, poverty
Joseph Viteritti public policy, urban governance, education policy
Laura Wolf-Powers Neighborhood revitalization, urban and regional economic urban development policy and planning


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Tom Angotti community planning and development, environmental, international settlements


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