Charles Mason with classmates

Charles Mason and the UAP Urban Studies Club exploring Philadelphia, PA.

After developing an interest in urban planning I knew I had to leave the suburbs of San Antonio, Texas. Hunter’s Urban Studies Program stuck out to me the most because it seemed genuinely connected to New York City.

Urban Studies student, Charles Mason, is currently finishing his BA with an eye toward graduate school in urban planning upon completion.

As the President of the Urban Studies Club, Charles organized undergraduates to complement course work with extracurricular activities. Under his leadership, Urban Studies students attended the American Planning Association (APA) in Boston alongside graduate planning students. They have also been known to create their own urban adventures through day trips comprised of local tours in Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia. Charles and his classmates have strengthened the club’s presence in the department as a way to bring continue discussions outside the classroom and create a real sense of community among the diverse interests within the student body.

The faculty here is outstanding. The department is large enough to provide a wealth of experience but small enough to get to know your professors.

Charles credits faculty with a remarkable ability to convey their expertise both in the classroom and beyond through an open door policy, which makes them available beyond class and office hours.

As Charles’ time at UAP comes to a close, he looks forward to graduate school and hopes to someday work in a local politician’s office finding ways to redesign and configure public spaces around New York City. He also has ambitions to compete in the Five Boro Bike Tour.