When Professor Gross explained the flexibility of the program, with the ability to tailor the courses around my interest, I knew the Urban Affairs program would be the right fit for me.

MSUA student Roseni Plaza was looking for a program that would enable her to develop critical research skills to identify problems and propose solutions that directly affect people, organizations and governments. She has found that and much more at Hunter UAP.

In Professor Kevin Keenan’s Intro to Policy class, new windows on the world of policy formation emerged. Coursework detailing the mechanics of urban policy creation and development have inspired Roseni to enhance her research skills even further with the pursuit of a PhD in Social Welfare following graduation.

Roseni is currently working as a research associate at The Center for Puerto Rican Studies. She also participated in symposium with Governor Luis Fortuño of Puerto Rico during her time as an intern with the Puerto Rican Federal Affairs Administration.