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December 08, 2014
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

The Magician (Lower East Side)


Support your classmates who participated in Studio and Workshop classes as they present their work to the UAP Community. This is a great way to take a break from writing your final papers and studying for exams by seeing what your classmates have been working on all semester!

1. Urban Development Workshop #1:
Needs Assessment of International Cinema Education Program
The International Cinema Education program is an NGO at the United Nations that works with New York City teachers to educate public high school students about global issues through film. Our group investigated how to make their curriculum more accessible and distributable to middle school teachers and students within the five boroughs of New York, and to offer recommendations in order to achieve this goal based on our research findings.
Students: Melanie Breault, Vahagn Krmoyan, Steven Talay
Faculty advisor: Prof. Jill Simone Gross
2. Urban Studies Studio #1:
Housing in Corona
Our project focuses on Corona, Queens, a largely immigrant neighborhood that has become increasingly overcrowded with little change in zoning or land use to help alleviate the problem. Illegal conversions of garages and and overcrowding in units have become an issue in the neighborhood, and a  growing number of residents are rent burdened or severely rent burdened. There are many empty or underutilized lots in the neighborhood which, with the use of new development techniques, could be used to help with the decrease in affordable housing in the neighborhood.
Students: Ian Murphy, Jamie Guthrie, Joshua D’Ambrosio
Faculty advisor: Charles Starks
3. Urban Development Workshop #2:
Needs Assessment – Goddard Riverside Community Center
Goddard Riverside Community Center requested that the Hunter College graduate students develop a demographic profile of people living in public housing in comparison to the total population living in the Upper West Side . The needs assessment is being conducted to distinguish between the youth population that is currently being served and those that are not participating in Goddard Riverside Community Center’s youth initiatives.
Students: Maurice Good, Elisa Lopez, Delila Rodriguez
Faculty advisor: Prof. Jill Simone Gross
4. Urban Planning Studio:
Sunnyside Yards
Our studio was tasked with developing a vision, in cooperation with the Long Island City Partnership, for the potential development of Sunnyside Yards in LIC, Queens.
Students: Jack Nieman, Summer Greenstein, Jamie Leggett, Jonathan Luke, Jose Taveras, Lais Payano,,Lyle Blackwood, Shamaine Dennis, Shawna Ebanks, Susan Liu, Tobi Ajirotutu
Faculty advisor: Pablo Vengoechea
5. Urban Development Workshop #3:
Who are Public Parks For? Washington Market Park in the Context of Tribeca
Washington Market Park is a small, public park serving both residents and non-residents in the Tribeca area. In this presentation, we look at usage and demographic data of park users in order to identify the ways in which this park reflects broader issues around public and private use of space.
Students: Jenny Akchin, Aman Singh, Tom Williams
Faculty advisor: Prof. Jill Simone Gross
6. Urban Studies Studio #2:
Willets Point Redevelopment 
Our project focuses on the Willets Point area of Queens, New York also known as the Iron Triangle. It is currently going through changes under the City’s Development Plan for Willets Point. We examine the efforts currently taking place to transform Willets Point from mainly an auto and sanitation industrial site to a mixed-income neighborhood and commercial area, concentrating on environmental and social impacts.
Students: Gurinder Singh, Vincent Ercolano, Nora Elaktaa, Shelly Chen.
Faculty advisor: Charles Starks
7. Urban Development Workshop #4:
People, Place and Space in CUNY Community College Assessment Testing 
This project was designed to gather data on the testing facilities, testing personnel and the experience of students who tested between March 2014 and August 2014 and subsequently enrolled in the community colleges for Fall 2014 semester at 3 of 8 CUNY community college campuses-Bronx Community College (BCC), Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) and LaGuardia Community College (LAGCC).
Students: Diana Silverstein, Roman Khidekel, Frederick Newton
Faculty advisor: Prof. Jill Simone Gross

UMAH (Urban Mondays at Hunter) is a lecture series curated by the Department of Urban Affairs and Planning and co-sponsored by GUAPA (Graduate Urban Affairs and Planning Association).