Alumni Profile

Jonas Hagen traveling by tricycle in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Jonas Hagen traveling by tricycle in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

My Urban Affairs Workshop was a very special experience. I was able to broker a project with the Regional Plan Association and the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway Initiative… that project contains the most complete data I have ever produced.

Jonas Hagen (MSUA ’05) recalls the process underwent by his group. Under the leadership of Prof Jill S. Gross, the workshop group worked in the Farragut Houses (public housing adjacent to the proposed greenway) to carry out a bikability/walkability survey and explore preferences for the planned greenway. The Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway Initiative continues to use the robust data set harvested by the students as the greenway is being implemented.

Jonas arrived at Hunter UAP with an interest in urban transport and planning in Latin America after having lived in Uruguay for four years. As an undergrad alumnus of Hunter, he returned to explore the graduate programs and after a brief conversation UAP Professor Bill Milczarski, he was hooked.

Besides the excellent academic level, the affordability factor was important for me, and I did not even consider other programs.

After graduating from Hunter UAP, he led a project with the World Bank and other international organizations on public transport in Montevideo. Jonas went on to work for the NYC-based NGO, the Institute for Transport and Development Policy (ITDP) in Brazil from 2007-2011, mainly in the cities of Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Currently, he is the partner in a start-up consultancy for sustainable urban mobility and planning, based in Rio de Janeiro. In his dealings at every level, from international agencies to workers cycling on the streets of Rio, he is most excited about the power of mobility projects to improve life for all sectors of society.