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UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti reflected on Mayor Bill de Blasio and discussed incoming Mayor Eric Adams

UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti appeared on NY1  to discuss the upcoming inauguration of Mayor Eric Adams (December 21) and was quoted in a Gothamist article (December 18) on the upcoming inauguration. Professor Viteritti also published a short piece in an "Ask the Experts" exchange for City & State Magazine about how Mayor Bill de Blasio will be remembered (December 20). An article on Professor Viteritti's Roosevelt House interview with Mayor Bill de Blasio appeared in City & State (December 7).

Prof. Lily Pollans on burning garbage in The Boston Globe

Professor Lily Pollans had a piece in The Boston Globe (December 10), encouraging the city’s progressive new mayor to stop burning the city’s garbage.

UPP faculty and alum discuss Mayor de Blasio in Gothamist

UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti, MUP Director Nicholas Bloom, and MUP Alum Sam Stein were all quoted in a comprehensive Gothamist (December 8) article "Grading de Blasio" that covered education, housing and transportation issues.

MUP Alumna Felicia Park-Rogers (2019) Quoted in New York Times Article “What the Infrastructure Bill Means for the New York Region”
MUP alumna Felicia Park-Rogers (2019) was quoted in The New York Times article,  "What the Infrastructure Bill Means for the New York Region," November 15, 2021.
UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti Quoted in The Atlantic Article “Schools Aren’t the Republican Ticket to Victory”

UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti was quoted in The Atlantic (November 3) for an article entitled "Schools Aren't the Republican Ticket to Victory."

UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti’s Book On Mayor Bill de Blasio Quoted In Gothamist Article “Did De Blasio Make A Dent In The ‘Tale of Two Cities’? A New Analysis Of NYC Income Inequality Makes A Case”

UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti's book on Mayor Bill de Blasio was quoted in the Gothamist article "Did De Blasio Make A Dent In The ‘Tale of Two Cities’? A New Analysis Of NYC Income Inequality Makes A Case," November 30.

UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti Quoted By Agence France And La Vanguardia On What We Might Expect From Mayor Eric Adams

Professor Viteritti was quoted by Agence France (November 2), a French news agency; and La Vanguardia (November 2), a Spanish publication in Barcelona on the subject of what we might expect from Mayor Eric Adams.

Professor Nicholas Dagen Bloom Quoted In City Limits and Gothamist
Professor Nicholas Dagen Bloom Interviewed Housing Legend Carol Lamberg For New York Housing Conference

Professor Nicholas Dagen Bloom interviewed housing legend Carol Lamberg for the New York Housing Conference.

Assistant Professor Lily Pollans’s Book, Resisting Garbage: The Politics of Waste Management in American Cities, Released by the University of Texas Press

Assistant Professor Lily Pollans’s book, Resisting Garbage: The Politics of Waste Management in American Cities, has just been released by the University of Texas Press. The book examines how some cities are able to defy America’s weak recycling waste regime, while most cities acquiesce to pressure to simply make waste “disappear.” Stay tuned for information about upcoming talks and events!

UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti was Featured Guest on Phi on NY Podcast Presentation of the Gotham Philosophical Society

UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti was the featured guest on Phi on NY, an hour long podcast presentation of the Gotham Philosophical Society, where he discussed "Searching for the Soul of the City," a conversation based on a pair of articles he wrote in June for the Gotham Gazette drawing on materials from his Governing the City course at Hunter UPP.

Professor Nicholas Bloom Presented on NYCHA History at Icahn School of Medicine; Lectured on NYCHA Urban Design at Yale School of Architecture

Professor Nicholas Bloom presented on NYCHA history to students at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai looking into Designing Healthy Cities. He also lectured and discussed NYCHA urban design with graduate architecture students engaged in rethinking public housing at the Yale School of Architecture.

Professor Sigmund C. Shipp Invited as Panelist for Discussion about the Office of the Public Advocate’s Newly Created Racial Impact Policy

Prof. Sigmund C. Shipp was invited to be a panelist for a discussion on September 29, 2021 about the Office of the Public Advocate's newly created Racial Impact Policy.

Affiliated UPP Professors Steffie Woolhandler and David Himmelstein Pen New York Times Letter to the Editor About Current Congressional Health Care Debates

Affiliated UPP Professors Steffie Woolhandler and David Himmelstein's letter to the editor of the New York Times (September 27) regarding “For Democrats, Tough Options on Health Care” speaks to the current Congressional health care debates. The letter is the item after the second picture called "A False Choice on Healthcare."  (Please note that Steffie and David do not have an opinion on antibody treatments for anti-vaxxers, which the first letter on the page addresses). Their letter can be read here.

Associate Professor Laura Wolf-Powers Delivered Paper at Rutgers University-Sponsored Conference: “Negotiating Social Futures: the Politics of Land Development and Value Capture During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic”

Associate Professor Laura Wolf-Powers delivered a paper at the Rutgers University-sponsored conference "Negotiating Social Futures: the politics of land development and value capture during and after the COVID-19 pandemic" on September 23.

Professor Lily Pollans Featured on Cheddar News, Commenting on Environmental and Community Benefits of Open Streets
Professor Lily Pollans was featured on Cheddar News, commenting on the environmental and community benefits of New York’s Open Streets.
Associate Professor Karina Moreno Spoke In The Consortium of Race and Gender Scholars (CORGES)Webinar: “Framing Racial Justice in Public Administration”

The Consortium of Race and Gender Scholars (CORGES) invited UPP Associate Professor Karina Moreno to speak in a webinar called "Framing Racial Justice in Public Administration” which took place on September 23rd.  This webinar featured two other panelists, Brandi Blessett and Tia Gaynor, inaugural director and faculty member at the University of Cincinnati’s Master of Public Administration Program, which is currently the only NASPAA-accredited program that specializes in social equity.  The conversation was moderated by Andrea Headley (Georgetown University) and James Wright (Florida State University).

Professor Nicholas Bloom Interviewed On WNYC/Gothamist About Governor Hochul’s Public Housing Plans

Professor Nicholas Bloom was interviewed on WNYC/Gothamist about Governor Hochul's plans for public housing.

UPP Affiliated Prof. Steffie Woolhandler Interviewed On NPR’s Marketplace

UPP affiliated faculty member Professor Steffie Woolhandler was interviewed on NPR's Marketplace about her study on the low use of medical specialists by patients of color. The interview can be heard here (the story is at 17:00 minutes and runs for about 3.5 minutes).

Professor Jill Simone Gross Reviewed Carmen Sirianni’s “Sustainable Cities in American Democracy: From Postwar Urbanism to a Civic Green New Deal”

Professor Jill Simone Gross’ review of Carmen Sirianni’s 2020 book Sustainable Cities in American Democracy: From Postwar Urbanism to a Civic Green New Deal (Lawrence: University Press of Kansas),  has been published in the September 2021 Issue of Perspectives on Politics, 19(3), 1005-1007.

Associate Professor Matthew Lasner Quoted In NY Times Article “What Is Redlining?”

Associate Professor Matthew Lasner discussed the origins of redlining — and its discovery by scholars — with The New York Times in “What Is Redlining?

MUP Student Colin Ryan Award NYC HPD-HDC Housing Fellowship

MUP student Colin Ryan is awarded the New York City Department of Housing Preservation & Development (HPD) and the New York City Housing Development Corporation (HDC) Housing Fellowship. The HPD-HDC Fellowship is a two-year  rotational program designed to expose individual Fellows to New York City government specifically in the field of affordable housing.

MS UPL Alum Paola Martinez (2020) Appointed Director Of Local Government & Legislative Affairs For SUNY

MS UPL alum Paola Martinez (2020) has been appointed as director of local government and legislative affairs for SUNY System. Previously, she was director of social services and community engagement for Catholic Charities at the Betances Houses in the South Bronx. She oversaw a portfolio of 41 buildings and approximately 3,000 residents, making this the largest New York City Housing Authority development, and only the second one in New York City to participate in the Rental Assistance Demonstration program.

Adjunct Associate Professor Mitchell A. Korbey Discusses Changes In Brooklyn Over Past 30 Years On “Herrick Does That” Podcast

Two of the most respected professionals in NYC Land Use & Zoning law, Raymond H. Levin and  UPP Adjunct Associate Professor Mitchell A. Korbey, discuss the changes that have occurred in Brooklyn over the past 30 years.

Herrick Does That Podcast:

Professor Vivian Louie Co-Published “‘Divide, Divert, & Conquer’ Deconstructing the Presidential Framing of White Supremacy in the COVID-19 Era” In Special Issue Of “Social Sciences” Journal

Vivian Louie, professor of Urban Planning and Policy, recently co-published in a special issue of the Social Sciences Journal. She wrote “Divide, Divert, & Conquer” Deconstructing the Presidential Framing of White Supremacy in the COVID-19 Era with Anahi Viladrich, formerly of Hunter College, now at Queens College & The CUNY Graduate Center.

Associate Profs. Laura Wolf-Powers and Sigmund C. Shipp Awarded Three-Year Grant From Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation To Develop A Supplier Diversity Program In Brooklyn

Associate Professors Laura Wolf-Powers and Sigmund C. Shipp have been awarded a three-year $294,000 community-engaged research grant from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation to develop in collaboration with minority entrepreneurs and the Brooklyn Communities Collaborative, a supplier diversity program in Brooklyn, NY.

Professor Matthew Lasner Published Article On The History And Appeal Of Condos: “Why Condos Caught On In America”

Professor Matthew Lasner published "Why Condos Caught On In America" in The Conversation. The article discusses the history and appeal of condominiums, a system of shared ownership which Professor Lasner refers to as a "remarkable achievement" that "allows millions of people who don’t want or need whole houses, or who can’t afford them, to live in dignity – or even luxury – in apartments of their own."

UPP Affiliated Faculty Member Prof. Steffie Woolhandler Quoted In U.S. News Article “Patients of Color Less Likely to Get Specialist Care Than White Patients”

UPP affiliated faculty member Prof. Steffie Woolhandler was quoted in the U.S. News article "Patients of Color Less Likely to Get Specialist Care Than White Patients," (July 26), regarding her recent research on the racial and ethnic disparities in outpatient visit rates across 29 specialties.

UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti Quoted In Gotham Gazette Article On Mayor de Blasio’s Commission On Racial Justice.

UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti was quoted in a Gotham Gazette (July 29) article on Mayor de Blasio's Commission on Racial Justice.

Professor Vivian Louie Quoted In claim “‘I Need To Vote’ Why More Asian Americans Are Staking A Political Claim”

Professor Louie, who directs the Hunter College Asian American Studies Program & Center, was quoted in the Christian Science Monitor  ‘I need to vote.’ Why more Asian Americans are staking a political claim.

Professor Matthew Lasner Quoted in The American Prospect

Prof. Matthew Lasner was quoted in “After Surfside, Calls for Building Oversight Grow” in The American Prospect.

Students: Apply For The HUNTER/University College London Exchange Program!

SPRING program application deadline: SEPTEMBER 15th.

FALL/YEAR program application deadline: FEBRUARY 15th.

Undergrad urban studies majors who have at minimum GPA of 3.0 and have completed 60 credits can apply to the Hunter/Bartlett exchange program for a semester abroad. The Bartlett School of Planning, a part of the University College of London, is one of Europe’s most prestigious planning schools. The exchange program begins Spring 2022 and applications for the Spring term must be completed by September 15, 2021.

Undergrad majors should:

1) complete the application available on the link below and

2) let Prof. Sigmund Shipp (, the undergrad program director, know of their interest.

Students will pay the current Hunter tuition to study at Bartlett. The credits to be taken in London at Bartlett, which must be pre-approved by Prof. Shipp, will be counted toward the degree.

For more info please visit:

UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti Quoted In The New York Post And The 74

UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti was quoted in a New York Post (July 8) on speculation that Public Advocate Jumaane Williams might challenge Governor Andrew Cuomo in the Democratic primary for governor next year.  Professor Viteritti was also quoted in The 74 (June 16) on the emergence of charter schools as an issue in the Democratic race for mayor this year.

Associate Prof. Matthew Lasner Published “Condo Buildings Are at Risk: So Is All Real Estate” In The Atlantic

Associate Professor Matthew Lasner published “Condo Buildings Are at Risk: So Is All Real Estate” in The Atlantic, offering his perspective on the role that condo ownership may—or may not—have played in the tragic collapse of Champlain Towers South.

Associate Prof. Laura Wolf-Powers Featured At Online Event Sponsored By The Urban Design Forum

Associate Professor Laura Wolf-Powers was a featured speaker at an online event sponsored on June 16 by the Urban Design Forum. Prof. Wolf-Powers discussed her research on public value recovery as an avenue by which the benefits of private real estate development might be more equitably distributed across New York City.

UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti Published Two Essays On “The Soul of New York” in Gotham Gazette

UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti has published a pair of essays on "The Soul of New York" in Gotham Gazette that are drawn from the readings in his "Governing the City" course and reflect the themes outlined in the syllabus. Click to read part 1 and part 2.

UPP Affiliated Faculty Member Prof. David Himmelstein Quoted In Newsweek Article “Concerns Mount Over Looming Surge in Bankruptcy as COVID Medical Debt Soars”

UPP affiliated faculty member Professor David Himmelstein is quoted in the Newsweek article "Concerns Mount Over Looming Surge in Bankruptcy as COVID Medical Debt Soars" (June 14, 2021), which also cites his research in the American Journal of Public Health.

MUP Alum Jen Chantrtanapichate’s Emergency Food Distribution Program Featured In Short Film “On the Line.” 

MUP alum Jen Chantrtanapichate's (2019) emergency food distribution program, which she developed and launched at Sixth Street Community Center in response to the COVID19 pandemic, was featured in a short film "On the Line."

MUP Alum Kyle Gorman Featured in New York Times For His Work On Open Streets

MUP alum Kyle Gorman was featured in the New York Times for his work on the Open Streets program as part of his job as Senior Program Manager at New York City Department of Transportation.

Prof. Gutfreund interviews Sunnyside Gardens book authors, Indoor Voices Podcast, June 7
The newest episode of the podcast Indoor Voices features UPP Associate Professor Owen Gutfreund interviewing John Jay Professor Jeffrey Kroessler and architect Laura Heim about their new book on Sunnyside Gardens.  They discuss the controversies and debates surrounding historic preservation, as well as other topics related to Sunnyside such as the Garden City movement, Levittown, and the role of non-profit organizations in addressing the city's housing needs.
UPP Affiliated Prof. Steffie Woolhandler Quoted In NY Times Article “Poor Americans More Likely to Have Respiratory Problems, Study Finds”

UPP affiliated faculty member Prof. Steffie Woolhandler was quoted in the NY Times article "Poor Americans More Likely to Have Respiratory Problems, Study Finds" regarding her recent research on inequalities in lung health.

Prof. Vivian Louie Speaks In Response To Anti-Asian Hate

Vivian Louie, professor of Urban Policy & Planning, directs the Hunter College Asian American Studies Program & Center, and has been speaking on responses to anti-Asian hate. She was featured in The Thought Project podcast, in conversation with Hunter colleague, historian Manu Bhagavan, also of the CUNY Graduate Center,  and journalist Tanya Domi, who also teaches in Hunter’s Human Rights Program. The podcast: To Stop Anti-Asian Racism, First Remedy Ignorance and Nationalism.

Louie recently moderated the panel discussion, Anti-Asian Violence in the Pandemic Age: Confronting and Curing the Virus of Hate, featuring experts and community leaders, and wrote a short commentary.  Earlier this Spring, she was quoted in Delaware Online and The Washington Post.

Assistant Profs. Mehdi Heris And Lily Pollans Received Enhanced Award From PSC-CUNY For Project In Collaboration With Mayor’s Office Of Resiliency

Assistant Professors Mehdi Heris and Lily Pollans received an Enhanced Award ($12,000) from the Professional Staff Congress-City University of New York (PSC-CUNY) Research Award Program to work on a project in collaboration with the Mayor’s Office of Resiliency. In this project, they will measure the albedo of building rooftops in New York City to evaluate the effectiveness of the City’s efforts to increase the reflectivity of building rooftops. They will also measure how cool-roof policies can mitigate urban heat island effects.

Prof. Matthew Lasner Spoke About Housing Policy Past And Present With Dr. Jenny Schuetz At “Ill Housed: Housing Policy For The New Deal And Today”

On May 10 Professor Matthew Lasner spoke in conversation with urban economist Dr. Jenny Schuetz, Senior Fellow at the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program, about housing policy past and present at “Ill Housed: Housing Policy for the New Deal and Today,” presented by Hunter’s Roosevelt House and the New York City chapter of Living New Deal.

Professor Owen Gutfreund Featured In Documentary Series “Faster! Humanity’s Quest to Save Time”

Professor Owen Gutfreund is featured in the "Highways" episode of a newly-released documentary series called "Faster! Humanity's Quest to Save Time", viewable on

UPP Undergraduate Turquoise Martin Awarded $10,000 Scholarship By Women’s Forum of New York

Urban Studies major Turquoise Martin has been selected to receive a $10,000 scholarship award from the Women's Forum of New York

Prof. Nicholas Bloom Discusses NYCHA’s Blueprint for Change in Hunts Point Express

Professor Nicholas Bloom discussed NYCHA's Blueprint for Change in the Hunts Point Express.

MUP Graduate Rachel Albetski Quoted in West Side Rag About Her Work At Street Plans Collaborative

Rachel Albetski (MUP 2018) was quoted in this West Side Rag story about her work at the Street Plans Collaborative.

Prof. Nicholas Dagen Bloom’s Commentary On Revival Of Social Housing Quoted In Gothamist

Professor Nicholas Dagen Bloom provided background and commentary in Gothamist on the revival of social housing concepts in the current mayoral campaign:

Prof. Shipp Joins ACSP Task Force

Professor Sigmund Shipp was invited to join the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning Presidential Task Force on Anti-Racism. He has accepted the invitation. The committee will convene Spring/Summer 2021.

MUP Graduate Antonio Sieunarine Featured On ABC7 For His COVID Work At MTA

Antonio Sieunarine (MUP 2016) was profiled on ABC 7 for his COVID work at the MTA.

Prof. Victoria Johnson Named 2021 Guggenheim Fellow

On behalf of the entire faculty and staff, UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti congratulates Professor Victoria Johnson, who has received a Guggenheim Award to support her work on a book about the Hudson River artist Frederic Church, which she will be taking up while on sabbatical next year. The prestigious Guggenheim is certainly well-deserved. Professor Johnson's last book, a biography of physician David Hosack, was a finalist for both the Pulitzer Prize in History and a National Book Award.

Prof. John Chin Interviewed by Vice, Washington Post About His Study of Illicit Massage Parlors

In the wake of the Atlanta shootings in March 2021, Professor John Chin was interviewed by Vice and the Washington Post about his study of illicit massage parlors. His study was also cited in articles by Gothamist and the Associated Press  (AP). The two AP news articles have been picked up by numerous local and national media outlets.

Prof. Nicholas Bloom Moderating Conversation About NYCHA’s Future 3/31

Professor Nicholas Bloom will be moderating a conversation about NYCHA's future on March 31st. The event is sponsored by the New York Housing Conference:

UPP Chair Prof. Joseph Viteritti Featured In Conversation With Author Thomas Dyja at Roosevelt House

UPP Chair Professor Joseph Viteritti was featured in a public conversation at Roosevelt House (virtually) with Thomas Dyja, author of New York, New York, New York: Four Decades of Success, Excess, and Transformation on Tuesday, March 23. Dye's book had been reviewed on the front page of the New York Times Book Review on the previous Sunday (March 21).

Associate Prof. Karina Moreno’s Article on Joe Biden’s Immigration Reform and Migrant Workers Published in Jacobin

Associate Professor Karina Moreno's article, "Joe Biden’s Immigration Reform Doesn’t Do Enough to Help Migrant Workers" was published in Jacobin, March 1, 2021.

Profs. Jill Gross and Sigmund Shipp Participated in “Race and Class Chat” Sponsored by New York State Human Rights Commission

Profs. Jill Gross and Sigmund Shipp were invited and participated in the "Race and Class Chat" sponsored by the New York State Human Rights Commission on Friday, February 26, 2021.

Prof. Victoria Johnson Uses Twitter to Return 1964 Family Photo Found In Used Book

Professor Victoria Johnson was featured on CNNPix11 News, and ABC World News Tonight this week after harnessing the power of Twitter to find the family pictured in a 1964 photo she found in a used book about 15 years ago. Professor Johnson credits Hunter MUP student Sola Olosunde with inspiring her to use Twitter to share this small piece of history.

Report on Fall Event Organized by the Racial Justice Working Group

UPP's Racial Justice Working Group has released a report summarizing the feedback shared at our community-wide town hall What Does an Anti-racist Department Look Like? The event took place November 20, 2020, and drew more than 85 students, alums, and faculty to engage with this question. The report also summarizes feedback gathered through an online questionnaire related to the event. The report can be viewed and downloaded by clicking here.

Profs. Jill Gross and Sigmund Shipp Participate in a Chat on Race and Class

Profs. Jill Gross and Sigmund Shipp were invited and participated in the "Race and Class Chat" sponsored by the New York State Human Rights Commission on Friday, March 26, 2021.





Prof. Sigmund C. Shipp Gave Lecture Entitled “A Charge to Keep: Historically Black Colleges and Universities in America” at Several Institutions

Professor Sigmund C. Shipp gave a lecture entitled “A Charge to Keep: Historically Black Colleges and Universities in America"  to the Washington (DC) Friends Meeting (Feb 14), Cathedral Congregations, Racial Justice Task Force at the National Cathedral, Washington, DC (Feb 21), and R.C. Nusbaum Honors College, Norfolk State University, Norfolk, VA (Feb 22). His co-presenter was Professor Gregory Gardner, Norfolk State University.

Prof. Nicholas Bloom Featured in Recent Articles About NYCHA, Housing

Professor Nicholas Bloom contributed to a feature on NYCHA in The City. He also provided commentary on Scott Stringer's housing plan in Gothamist.

Associate Prof. Laura Wolf-Powers Testified in Favor of Comprehensive Planning Legislation

Associate Professor Laura Wolf-Powers testified on Tuesday 2/23 in favor of the City Council's new comprehensive planning legislation. One of the Council staff instrumental in devising the proposal is Hunter MUP alum Brian Paul (Spring 2011).

Prof. John Chin’s Report on Illicit Massage Parlor Cited Extensively in Freedom United Article

Prof. John Chin's report on illicit massage parlors, based on his NIH-funded study, was cited extensively in a recent article by Freedom United, an anti-trafficking organization. The article presents a cautionary tale of well-intentioned anti-trafficking efforts resulting in the criminalization of working immigrant Asian women.

UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti Interviewed for Haitian Times Article About Discretionary Spending by NYC Council

Professor Viteritti was interviewed and quoted in an article in the Haitian Times (February 18) on the practice of discretionary spending by New York City Council members.

UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti and UPP Alum Sam Stein Quoted in Village Voice Article on Mayoral Leadership and Progressivism

UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti was quoted in a Village Voice article on mayoral leadership and the meaning of progressivism (February 18). UPP alum Sam Stein was quoted in the same article.

Assistant Prof. Mehdi Heris Co-Authors Study on First Urban Ecosystem Accounting for U.S.

Assistant Professor Mehdi Heris is co-author of a study published in the Journal of Ecosystem Services, January 29, 2021, on the first Urban Ecosystem accounting for the U.S. The study provides the results of two models for more than 700 cities in the U.S. that quantified the amount of energy savings as the impact of urban trees as well as the value of intercepted rainfall. The research shows that American cities saved $538.6 million as the result of the cooling impacts of trees in 2016. The value of avoided runoff as the ecosystem service of urban trees was $424.7 million in 2016.

For the full article, "Piloting urban ecosystem accounting for the United States," click here.

Prof. Nicholas Dagen Bloom and MUP Graduates Sam Stein and Moses Gates Featured in Article on Affordable Housing Debates in Current Mayoral Election

Professor Nicholas Dagen Bloom is featured in a Gothamist/WNYC article on affordable housing debates in the current mayoral election. MUP graduates Sam Stein (Community Service Society) and Moses Gates (Regional Plan Association) also provided commentary.

Explore Skyscraper Museum Exhibition Co-Curated by Prof. Nicholas Dagen Bloom Online!

A comprehensive website featuring the 2019/2020 exhibition on Housing Density at the Skyscraper Museum, co-curated by Professor Nicholas Dagen Bloom, is now available online:

Prof. Laura Wolf-Powers’s Research on Urban Manufacturing Economies Features in UMA Report

Professor Laura Wolf-Powers's research on urban manufacturing economies was featured in a report released by the Urban Manufacturing Alliance in December 2020. Read the full report here:

Prof. Laura Wolf-Powers Quoted in WHYY Philadelphia

Professor Laura Wolf-Powers was quoted in a WHYY Philadelphia article, "How Black Philadelphians Lived MLK's fight for 'open housing'":

UPP-Affiliated Prof. Philip Alcabes Publishes New Essay: “The Cost of Prudentialism”

UPH Professor and UPP affiliated faculty member Philip Alcabes' new essay, "The Cost of Prudentialism," was published in The American Scholar, (January 16, 2021). Prof. Alcabes explains the consequences of the public health profession's abdication of its former role of social engineer.

Here are links to his prior essays on coronavirus, in case you missed them:

Race and Public Health (9/5/20)
Beyond Technical Fixes for Coronavirus (4/21/20)
Coronavirus: This is not a Plague (4/6)
Anxiety of Culpability (3/31)
Coronavirus and its Costs (3/25)
Coronavirus as Crisis (3/20)
State of Vulnerability (3/15)
How to Think About the Coronavirus (3/10)

The Fall 2020 Urban Planning Studio Report is Here!

MUP graduate students in Professor Nicholas Bloom's Fall 2020 urban planning studio analyzed underutilized office parks and strip malls to identify opportunities for new affordable housing and related transit upgrades. Their full report, developed for the Westchester County Department of Planning, is here:

Between Prof. Matthew Lasner and MUP Student Sola Olosunde Discuss Video as a Historical Medium on PLATFORM

Prof. Matthew Lasner and MUP student Sola Olosunde explore video as a historical medium and the impact of Olosunde’s research in a conversation published recently on PLATFORM: Found Footage of Black New York: Ten Questions for Sola Olosunde

Prof. Matthew Lasner Co-Authors Editorial Reflecting on Events at the Capital

Prof. Matthew Lasner has co-authored an editorial in PLATFORM titled “The Sixth of January” reflecting upon the horrific events at the Capitol last week.

Peter Kwong Immigrant Workers Learning Center Recently Launched, Honoring Legacy of UPP Distinguished Professor Peter Kwong

The Peter Kwong Immigrant Workers Learning Center has recently been launched, honoring the legacy of Peter Kwong, who was a member of the Hunter faculty from 1993-2017. Kwong was a Distinguished Professor in the Urban Policy and Planning Department and a Professor of Asian American Studies. He had a passionate commitment to issues of social justice and the rights of immigrant workers and a long record of activism concerning conditions in the Asian American community. The Peter Kwong Immigrant Workers Learning Center is located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and strives to advance justice and meaningful change to immigrant workers, youth and veterans of justice struggles. For more information, consult its website.

Avi Garelick (MUP) and Andrew Schustek (MSUPL) Publish “The Rise and Fall of the Coops” in Jewish Currents Magazine

Avi Garelick, MUP student, and Andrew Schustek, MSUPL student, have published an article “The Rise and Fall of the Coops” in a special issue of Jewish Currents magazine focused on housing. They also spoke about the article last month on an episode, “Coop Dreams,” of the podcast Nostalgia Trap. The special issue also includes pieces by department alums Jenny Akchin, Samuel Stein, and Oksana Mironova.

MUP Student Venesa Alicea Featured in Architects Newspaper

Venesa Alicea, a MUP student who is also a practicing architect and adjunct assistant professor of architecture at City College, worked with Dark Matter University, a new, collaborative BIPOC-led group, this fall to co-teach a course (remotely) at Tuskegee University. Read about her work in Architects Newspaper.

Former MUP/MSUA Student Luis Gallo Publishes Story on Medellín in Latino USA

Luis Gallo, former MUP/MSUA student, has been reporting for NPR, StoryCorps, Vice and more for the past eight years. Recent stories include “The Remarkable Rebirth of Medellín” on PRX’s program Latino USA.

Read: UPP Chair Prof. Viteritti’s Piece on the NYC Mayoral Race Published in City Limits

UPP Chair Professor Joseph Viteritti has written an essay on the NYC 2021 Mayoral Race for City Limits Magazine.

Watch: UPP-Affiliated Prof. Stephanie Woolhandler Interviewed on Democracy Now

UPH Distinguished Professor and UPP affiliated faculty member Stephanie Woolhandler was interviewed on Democracy Now," Amid SCOTUS Fight over ACA, Advocates Say Medicare for All Remains Best Way to Expand Healthcare,November 11, 2020.

Prof. Laura Wolf-Powers Co-Authors Report on Recovering Hidden Land Value in NYC

UPP Associate Professor Laura Wolf-Powers is co-author of a powerful new report that illuminates the ways that land use practice in NYC lets value slip away:

Profs. Stephanie Woolhandler and David Himmelstein’s Research on Uninsurance in the Trump Era Featured on Healthline

UPH Distinguished Professors and UPP affiliated faculty members Stephanie Woolhandler and David Himmelstein's recent research on the rise of uninsurance in the Trump era is covered in the Healthline article "In Trump’s First 3 Years, 2 Million Americans Lost Healthcare, Thousands Died Prematurely," November 3, 2020.

Watch: UPP Chair Prof. Joseph Viteritti Participated in Panel Discussion on NYC Mayoral Election

UPP Chair Prof. Joseph Viteritti was a guest on CUNY Forum (October 28) where he participated in a panel discussion moderated by Bob Liff on the forthcoming New York City Mayoral Election of 2021. The other panelists were John Banks (Real Estate Board of New York), Jeffery Mays (New York Times), and Debralee Santos (Manhattan Times) The show is available on CUNY TV.

MS UPL Student Violet Moss Included in Manhattan Power 50 List of Most influential Unelected New Yorkers

MS UPL student, Violet Moss is included in the Manhattan Power 50 list of most influential unelected New Yorkers. Violet is an expert on healthcare policy and government relations. She has directed policy and advocacy for prominent organizations such as the Fund for Modern Courts, the Children’s Health Fund, and the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York Presbyterian.

Other individuals on the list include Hunter College President Jennifer Raab, former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Founder and President of the National Action Network the Rev. Al Sharpton.

Watch: Prof. Steffie Woolhandler Discusses COVID-19 and US Healthcare System on BBC

UPH Professor and UPP affiliated faculty member Steffie Woolhandler was on BBC discussing COVID-19 and the US healthcare system, (October 11, 2020).

Click for BBC Clip. (Prof. Woolhandler's discussion starts after 42 minutes or thereabouts)

Watch: Prof. Owen Gutfreund featured on CNA, Discusses Reallocation of NYC Street Space During the Pandemic

Associate Professor Owen Gutfreund was featured on CNA (an international news channel based in Singapore), in a story about the reallocation of NYC street space during the pandemic, and the brewing conflict between restaurants and ride-hail drivers over sidewalk access.

Prof. Philip Alcabes Piece on Coronavirus and the Public Sphere Published in The American Scholar

UPH Professor and UPP affiliated faculty member Philip Alcabes' short piece "Coronavirus and the Withering of the Public Sphere" was published in The American Scholar, (September 19, 2020). The entire piece pertains to questions of policymaking in the current milieu.

Prof. Nicholas Dagen Bloom Provides Support on Groundbreaking NYCHA Design Work

Professor Nicholas Dagen Bloom has been busy on the public housing front. He has provided support and feedback on groundbreaking urban design work underway designed to make NYCHA's public housing developments better places to live:

1) A co-authored editorial in The New York Daily News: "The Rebirth NYCHA Needs Now"
2) Comments on landscape innovations as part of the NYCHA Connected Communities initiative:
3) Comments on NYCHA landscape improvements as part of a feature in Le Monde (France):

UPP Establishes Racial Justice Working Group

In response to systemic racial injustice, the need to reaffirm UPP’s commitment to anti-racist practices, and the specific concerns of many in the UPP community, including students, alums, and faculty, around departmental priorities, procedures, and pedagogy, department chair Prof. Joseph P. Viteritti, in consultation with the department’s governing body (the Personnel and Budget Committee, whose members include the directors of UPP’s three degree programs), the full faculty, and GUAPA, has established a Racial Justice Working Group, comprising five full-time faculty, two students, and two alums.

The faculty serving on the Working Group are Professors John Chin (chair), Matthew Lasner, Karina Moreno, Lily Pollans, and Sigmund Shipp. The student members are Hafizah Omar (MSUPL student) and Lorrayne (Lola) Vieira-Sullivan (MUP student and GUAPA officer). The alums are Dr. Calvin T. Brown (MUP 2002), Assistant Commissioner for Neighborhood Development at the New York City Department of Small Business Services, and Amina Hassen (MUP 2016), Senior Urban Planner at WXY Studio.

The Working Group, which will convene throughout the 2020-21 academic year and issue periodic updates, will serve as a hub for conversations among the faculty, between the faculty and students and alums, and between all UPP stakeholders and the college around urgent issues including recruitment of BIPOC students and instructors, the needs of BIPOC students, and program curricula.

The Working Group’s efforts complement those already underway by Hunter College’s Presidential Task Force to Advance Racial Equity. This Task Force was appointed over the summer by President Jennifer Raab to effect college-wide improvements in recruitment and admissions, curriculum, anti-racism training, and student support and pipeline programs, and to host public programs, such as the ongoing Speaking of Justice series. Two UPP faculty, Professors Vivian Louie and Sigmund Shipp, also serve on this Task Force, along with two UPP alums, Dr. Calvin T. Brown and Caitlin Ho (MSUPL 2016), Program Director for HCAP: the Hunter College AANAPISI Project.

The department has created the Racial Justice Working Group in acknowledgment of the critical need to achieve equity in the department, college, fields of urban policy and planning, and the wider community.

Prof. Victoria Johnson’s Review of New Book About Animal Welfare Policy Published in The New York Times Book Review

Prof. Victoria Johnson's review of a new book about animal welfare policy in New York City and the founding of the ASPCA was published online in The New York Times Book Review, September 16, 2020. It will appear in the print edition on Sunday, September 20.

Prof. John Chin and HCAP Team Awarded Two Minority-Serving Institution Grants

Prof. John Chin and the Hunter College AANAPISI Project (HCAP) team were awarded two minority-serving institution (MSI) grants through the US Department of Education's Asian American Native American Pacific Islander Serving Institutions (AANAPISI) program. The two new grants represent $3.5 million in funding over a 5-year period. Hunter College was the only school east of Illinois to compete successfully for the funding and the only school in the US to receive two grants. Prof. Chin will serve as the Principal Investigator (PI) on the project, working with Prof. Paul McPherron (English) as Co-PI, and Caitlin Ho (MSUPL, 2016) as the HCAP Program Director. HCAP collaborates closely with Hunter's Asian American Studies Program and Center, led by UPP Prof. Vivian Louie. The two grants will fund programs that help high-need Asian American and Native Pacific Islander students succeed in college, particularly targeting students who come from low-income and immigrant families, have limited English proficiency, or are first-generation college goers (Asian/Pacific Islander students have the highest rate of first-generation college attendance among all ethnic/racial groups at Hunter College).

Prof. Nicholas Bloom Featured on Australian Broadcasting Corporation Radio

Professor Nicholas Bloom discussed public housing in New York as part of an extensive radio feature that aired in August on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation:

Affiliated UPP Faculty Member Philip Alcabes Publishes Essay on Race and Public Health in The American Scholar Magazine

UPH Professor and affiliated UPP faculty member Philip Alcabes' essay" Race and Public Health: The coronavirus reveals how this country fails to relieve suffering" was published in The American Scholar magazine, September 5, 2020.

MSUPL Program Accredited by NASPAA

NASPAA, the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration — the global standard in public service education — has officially announced that it has accredited our MSUPL program. Click to read more.

Prof. Karina Moreno named President-Elect of ASPA NYC Chapter

The American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) New York City Chapter has named Assistant Professor Karina Moreno President-Elect for 2020-2021 and President for 2021-2022.

MUP Student Sola Olosunde Featured in NY Times for Tweets on Historical Black NY

MUP student Sola Olosunde unearthed video footage of white children taunting Black children in Rosedale, Queens, in 1975. After sharing the clip on social media, the New York Times spent months investigating, tracking several of the victims. The Times published its report in June crediting Sola in a separate, second article about the investigation.

This week, Olosunde is featured in, “He’s Sharing the Historical past of Black New York, One Tweet at a Time,”  New York Times, August 12, 2020.

Prof. Vivian Louie on Harvard Alumni Webinar on Pandemic & Education, Publishes Two New Articles
Prof. Vivian Louie was on a recent Harvard Alumni webinar on the Pandemic and Education – the panel included Former Secretary of Education John B. King Jr, NAACP LDF Attorney Michaele Turnage Young, and the President of First Gen Harvard Alumni Daniel Lobo.  To hear the recording, click on:

In addition, Prof. Louie's two most recent articles "The Discriminatory Impact of COVID-19" and "Why Ethnic Studies is Pivotal Today" were published online.

MUP Student Conor Greene Awarded 2020 WMPF Scholarship

MUP student Conor Greene is awarded the 2020 Westchester Municipal Planning Federation (WMPF) scholarship

Prof. Laura Wolf-Powers Quoted in Real Deal Article on Subsidy for NYC Rent-Regulated Apartments

Associate Professor Laura Wolf-Powers was quoted in an article in the Real Deal, about a proposed new subsidy for owners of rent-regulated apartments in NYC.

The State of College Readiness & Degree Completion in NYC Report Published: Made Possible in Part by Work of MSUPL Alum Carrie Torres (2019)

On July 14th Graduate NYC announced the release of The State of College Readiness and Degree Completion in New York CityThis report examines the progress that the NYC DOE and CUNY have made toward their respective goals of high school graduation and college readiness and degree completion since 2010, while also detailing comprehensive policy changes currently underway at CUNY. The report was made possible by a network of talented and dedicated colleagues, including Carrie Torres, MS UPL alum (2019).  Carrie started working on this report in Spring 2019 as a Graduate Fellow responsible for data analysis and policy research.

MUP Alum Amina Hassen Featured in Fast Company Article on NYC BLM Mural

MUP alum Amina Hassen (2018) is featured in the Fast Company article, "NYC’s new Black Lives Matter mural is more than art. It’s the future of urbanism"

Prof. Philip Alcabes Publishes Piece Linking Shabby Coronavirus Response to Policy Assault on Minorities

UPH Professor and UPP Affiliated faculty member, Philip Alcabes, published a short piece in The American Scholar. The article links the shabby coronavirus response in the US to the continuing policy assault on the minority poor.

MUP Alum Felicia Park-Rogers, Director of Regional Infrastructure Projects for TSTC, Co-Authors the Organization’s Latest Report

Hunter MUP alum Felicia Park-Rogers, Director of Regional Infrastructure Projects for Tri-State Transportation Campaign (TSTC), co-authored the organization's latest report, "Back on Board: A Guide to Safe(r) Transit in the Era of COVID," which provides a suite of over 50 interventions to promote a safer transit environment for riders and workers alike. Prof. John Chin served as an advisor on the report and participated in TSTC's press conference on June 17. The report has been covered in a variety of national and regional media outlets, including, The New York Daily NewsGovernment TechnologySmart Cities DiveThe World Journal, and The NJ Star-Ledger.

MUP Student Sola Olosunde’s Unearthed 1975 Footage Inspires New York Times Investigative Article

MUP student Sola Olosunde unearthed video footage of white children taunting Black children in Rosedale, Queens, in 1975. After sharing the clip on social media, the New York Times spent months investigating, tracking several of the victims. The Times published its report this week, crediting Sola in a separate, second article about the investigation.

Prof. Sigmund Shipp Co-Signs a Response by Black Planning Faculty to ACSP’s Statement Following the Killing of George Floyd

Prof. Sigmund Shipp has co-signed a response by Black planning faculty across the country to ACSP’s Statement Following the Killing of George Floyd. Read ACSP’s statement and Prof. Shipp’s response here.

Prof. Matthew Lasner Co-Authors Editorial Calling Upon Those Who Study Built Environment to Bear Witness to Racialized Injustices

Prof. Matthew Lasner has co-authored an editorial, Power to Witness, calling upon those who study the built environment, globally, to bear witness to racialized injustices and other systemic assaults on BIPOC and the right to peacefully protest.

UPP Alum Officer Oriade Harbor Quoted in New York Times Article “How Black Police Officers Really Feel About the Floyd Protesters”

UPP Alum Oriade Harbor (MS 2017) is quoted in a New York Times article on "How Black Police Officers Really Feel About the Floyd Protesters."

Police Officer Harbor, a transgender black man, notes that even though he often speaks out against what he sees as social injustice, when he does police work he is still seen as "part of the system that is oppressive to black people."

He further commented, "people treat me different in uniform, because they only see the uniform." He added, "At the end of the day I am a black person who dons a blue uniform. I am a trans male. I walk in all these words."

UPP Alum Angela Tovar Appointed Chief Sustainability Officer for the City of Chicago

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced this week that she is appointing UPP alum Angela Tovar (MUP, 2011) Chief Sustainability Officer for the City of Chicago. Selected on the basis of a national search, the mayor's press release refers to Tovar's "unique policy skill set focused on racial equity, deep community relationships across the city and a demonstrated track record of combining environmental justice, public health and inclusive economic growth."

Prof. Pollans’ Environmental Justice Course Wins Award for Curriculum Innovation

Prof. Lily Baum Pollans’s Environmental Justice class was awarded the ACSP/Lincoln Institute of Land Policy Award for Curriculum Innovation



Prof. Gross is selected for induction to the UAA Distinguished Service Honor Roll

Professor Jill Simone Gross has been selected for induction into the Distinguished Service Honor Roll of the Urban Affairs Association (UAA). The Honor Roll recognizes the UAA's "most impactful service leaders." Prof. Gross has been recognized for her efforts to expand the Associations "international" relationships, build a "global urban research community," and "substantively contribute to the strong foundations upon which the Association stands today, and by which it will be sustained in the future."






UPP Prof. Vivian Louie’s Opinion Piece Published in the Daily News

UPP Prof. Vivian Louie's opinion piece "Asian-American studies, more vital than ever: Coronavirus is a moment we should be learning" was published in the Daily News, May 19, 2019.

UPH Prof. & UPP Affiliated Faculty Member Philip Alcabes Publishes Article in The American Scholar

UPH Professor and UPP affiliated faculty member Philip Alcabes' most recent public-health-oriented article, Beyond Technical Fixes for Coronavirus, was published in The American Scholar, May 7, 2020.

Here are links to his prior essays, in case you missed them:
Coronavirus: This is not a Plague (4/6)
Anxiety of Culpability (3/31)
Coronavirus and its Costs (3/25)
Coronavirus as Crisis (3/20)
State of Vulnerability (3/15)
How to Think About the Coronavirus (3/10)

Assoc. Prof. Laura Wolf-Powers Named to Editorial Board of JAPA

Associate Professor Laura Wolf-Powers has been named to the editorial board of the Journal of the American Planning Association.

Former UPP Adjunct & MUP Alum Philip Plotch Authors New Book

St. Peter's University Professor and former UPP adjunct faculty member and MUP alum Philip Plotch's book, "Last Subway: The Long Wait for the Next Train in New York City" was recently released by Cornell University Press.

UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti’s Article Published in Gotham Gazette

UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti is the author of, "Lessons from the Pandemic: The Coronavirus Crashes a New York City History Course," Gotham Gazette, April 17, 2020.

Prof. Nicholas Dagen Bloom’s Article Published in Gotham Gazette, Featured on Politico

Prof. Nicholas Dagen Bloom's article, Upstate Summer Camps for City Kids: Start Planning Nowwas published in the Gotham Gazette (April 13, 2020). It was also featured on Politico New York

MUP Alum Shannon Jordy’s Op-Ed Published in Next City

2016 Urban Planning alum Shannon Jordy has learned many lessons working in racial economic justice the past few years. Some of those lessons she's shared with the transportation field in a new op-ed on equity for Next City.

Assoc. Prof. Wolf-Powers’ Article Published in PLATFORM, Feb. 6, 2020

Associate Professor Laura Wolf-Powers had an article published in the online journal PLATFORM, titled "Recovering Land Value to Advance Equity: Gowanus, Brooklyn as a Case in Point."

Assoc. Prof. Wolf-Powers is a Speaker at Urban Design Forum Event on East Midtown Rezoning, January 24, 2020.

Associate Professor  Laura Wolf-Powers was a featured speaker at an event sponsored by the Urban Design Forum on January 24th. The event explored the process that led to consensus around the rezoning of East Midtown in 2017 and addressed its applicability in other contexts.

Prof. Nicholas Blooms Authors Editorials in Gotham Gazette and is Cited in Next City

Prof. Nicholas Dagen Bloom authored two editorials in the Gotham Gazette: "Hidden in Plain Sight: Billions in Potential Revenue for NYCHA," ( December 2, 2019), and  "NYCHA Open Space: The Next City Park Frontier," (December 19, 2019). Prof. Bloom was also cited in the Next City article "New York’s Public Housing Development Dreams at a Crossroads," (December 18, 2019).

Prof. Owen Gutfreund Interviewed By CNA, Dec. 19

Associate Prof. Owen Gutfreund was interviewed by CNA (a TV news station in Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Phillipines, Malaysia, and Australia) for a story about recent efforts of cities to regulate AIRbnb.  Click here for a video of the interview.

Prof. Wolf-Powers is Co-Author of a Report on Gowanus Neighborhood Rezoning

Prof. Wolf-Powers is  a co-author of a report recently published by the Pratt Center for Community Development: "Public Action, Public Value: Investing in a just and equitable Gowanus neighborhood rezoning."

Prof. Wolf-Powers’ Op Ed Published in the Gotham Gazette

Associate Professor Laura Wolf-Powers' Op-Ed, "New York City Needs a Development Reset -- Starting with Public Land," appeared in the Gotham Gazette on December 9th.

Distinguished Prof. David Himmelstein Quoted in Washington Post Article

UPP affiliated faculty member and Hunter College Distinguished Professor David Himmelstein was quoted in The Washington Post article, "How a fight over health care entangled Elizabeth Warren — and reshaped the Democratic presidential race," November 30, 2019.

Prof. John Chin Co-Authors a Report on Illicit Massage Parlors in Los Angelos and NYC

Prof. John Chin and his colleague Prof. Lois Takahashi (USC) have published a report on "Illicit Massage Parlors in Los Angeles County and New York City: Stories from Women Workers". This report, intended for a policy and practitioner audience, examines the experiences of Chinese and Korean immigrant women working in illicit massage parlors. Often lost in media accounts are the daily experiences of the women workers from their own perspectives. Why are women working in these establishments and under what conditions do they labor? What solutions can be offered that do not further penalize, traumatize, or victimize an already vulnerable population? This report aims to answer some of these questions, and offer recommendations for policy and practice, based on in-depth interviews with 116 women. The report is particularly timely in light of decriminalization legislation currently being debated in New York State.

UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti Quoted in City & State Magazine

UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti was quoted in City & State magazine (November 8, 2019) for an article on "Which Promises Will de Blasio Leave Unkept?"

UPP Prof. Edwin Melendez Receives Edward Blakely Award by POCIG

Congratulations to Professor Edwin Melendez for receiving the Edward Blakely Award, given by the Planners of Color Interest Group (POCIG) of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ACSP). The award recognizes planning or related academics or professionals who have supported the cause of social justice for communities of color in their work.

Prof. Victoria Johnson Receives Hunter College Presidential Award

Congratulations to Associate Professor Victoria Johnson for receiving the Hunter College Presidential Award for Excellence in Scholarship.

Distinguished Professors Himmelstein and Woolhandler author “The Public Option Poision Pill” in The Nation

Distinguished Professors David Himmelstein and Steffie Woolhandler are the authors of "The Public Option Poison Pill", in The Nation, (October 21, 2019) on the issue of Medicare for All. Professors Himmelstein and Woolhandler, affiliated faculty members in our department, are cofounders of Physicians for a National Health Program.

Prof. Nicholas Bloom Provided Background on NYCHA History in WNBC Podcast

Professor Nicholas Dagen Bloom provides background on NYCHA history on WNBC's new podcast, Question Authority, about problems at the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA). A video introduction to the series with Bloom is here: Most of the interview, recorded last summer, can be found in Section 6 of the podcast:

Prof. Lilly Pollans’ Article Published in Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning

Assistant Professor Lily Baum Pollans' article, “Sustainability policy paradox: Coping with changing environmental priorities in municipal waste management” was recently published in the Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning.

Prof. Nicholas Bloom Discusses Diversity and Inclusion Planning, Oct. 3

Professor Nicholas Dagen Bloom discussed "Diversity and Inclusion in Planning" with Maria Torres Springer (VP for US Programs, Ford Foundation) and Rohit T. Aggarwala (Head of Urban Systems, Sidewalk Labs) at the Regional Plan Association Board of Directors Retreat on October 3.

Prof. Matthew Lasner Quoted in NY times Article, Oct. 1, 2019

Prof. Lasner was also quoted in the New York Times in an article, “A Roof of One’s Own," about use of tiny houses as affordable housing around the United States.

UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti’s “open letter to Mayor de Blasio”, NY Daily News, Sept. 20

UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti has published an "open letter to Mayor de Blasio" in the New York Daily News (September 20) on "What he should do now that his presidential ambitions have run aground."

Prof. Nicholas Bloom’s New Book Positively Reviewed in APA Planning Magazine

Professor Nicholas Dagen Bloom's new book How States Shaped Postwar America: State Government and Urban Policy (University of Chicago Press, 2019) is positively reviewed in Planning Magazine (American Planning Association):

“Bloom provides a needed reminder of how significant state governments were to urban development and planning in the mid-twentieth century. . . . The moral of the many stories is that in today's political climate, urban Americans may again need to look to state governments.” Choice (American Association of Research Libraries) rates the book “Highly recommended. . . Bloom’s carefully crafted work persuasively shows that without the intervention of states, large public systems in fields such as education, transportation, housing, and the environment might not exist or would be unrecognizable today.”

UPP Prof. Nicholas Bloom Gives Tour of Housing Density Show, Sept. 17, 2019.



Professors Nicholas Bloom gives a tour of the Housing Density Show at the Skyscraper Museum to staff from the NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development, September 17, 2019.

Urban Policy and Planning Department Featured in Forbes Magazine Article

The Department of Urban Policy and Planning was one of several programs featured in a Forbes magazine article on schools that provide practical career training.

Prof. Nicholas Bloom is Co-Curator of Housing Density Exhibit at the Skyscraper Museum

Professor Nicholas Dagen Bloom is Co-Curator of an exhibition on HOUSING DENSITY at the Skyscraper Museum in Battery Park City. He has already given exhibition tours to senior staff from HPD, DCP, and the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development. The exhibition will remain on view until December 2019. Bloom welcomes the opportunity to give additional group tours for agencies and other interested organizations. Please contact him directly at More information about the show is available here:

Prof. Wolf-Powers’ Co-Authored Article Published in Cambridge Journal of CPES

Assoc. Professor Laura Wolf-Powers co-authored an article that recently appeared in the Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society, titled "Opportunities and Risks of Localized Industrial Policy: The case of 'maker-entrepreneurial ecosystems' in the USA." (August 20, 2019)

UPP Chair Quoted in Politico Magazine, Aug. 19

UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti was quoted in Politico (August 19) magazine in an article on "After the Likely Demise of deBlasio's Campaign, What Comes Next?"

UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti Featured in 30th Anniversary Video of 1989 Charter Commission

UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti appears in an educational video released this week by the New York City Charter Revision Commission commemorating the Thirtieth Anniversary of the historic 1989 Charter Commission. The video is posted on the Commission Website and is being distributed on Facebook and Twitter. Click here for the video.

Prof. John Chin Quoted City Lab Article, June 12, 2019.

Professor John Chin was quoted in an article, in CityLab concerning a New York State bill that would decriminalize sex work:

Assistant Prof. Lily Pollans’ Article Published in Metropolitics Journal, June 11.

Assistant Professor Lily Baum Pollans' article, "From non-planning to cutting edge policy: the transformation of waste management in Boston since the 1980s," was published in Metropolitics journal, June 11, 2019.

Associate Prof. Laura Wolf-Powers’ Article Published in Metroplitics Journal

Prof Laura Wolf-Powers published an article in Metropolitics journal, “Reclaim Value Capture for Equitable Development”, May 28, 2019.

UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti participated in an “Ask the Experts” Q&A for City and State magazine (May 22)

UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti participated in an "Ask the Experts" Q&A for City and State magazine (May 22) on "Predicting the Impact of de Blasio's White House Bid."

He was also quoted in other venues on the subject of de Blasio's presidential campaign, including Fortune magazine (May 16), the Wall Street Journal (May 16)and Gothamist (May 15).

Prof. Lynn McCormick’s Co-Authored Article on Housing for People with Disabilities Published in JPER, May 7, 2019.

Associate Professor Lynn McCormick has an upcoming article in the Journal of Planning Education and Research on Housing for People with Disabilities. Written with Prof. Alex Schwartz at the New School and Chiara Passerini, she argues that planners need to pay attention to the impending housing crisis facing adults with disabilities who face an insufficient supply of affordable and accessible units country-wide. Click here for the article.

UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti is Quoted in a Fortune Magazine, May 7, 2019.

UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti was quoted in a Fortune magazine story on, "How New York Could Become a Factor in the 2020 Presidential Race," (May 7, 2019).

Associate Prof. Victoria Johnson Quoted in the New York Times, May 5

Associate Professor Victoria Johnson was quoted in The New York Times article "Rockefeller Center Digs Up", (May 5, 2019).

UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti Writes a Series of Articles on the New York City Charter, April 2019

UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti is writing a series of articles on the New York City Charter for City Limits magazine, as a panel appointed by the mayor, public advocate, comptroller, borough presidents and city council is conducting the most comprehensive review and revision of the document undertaken in thirty years.

Part 1: Charter Debate is a Moment for NYC to Change—or Confirm—its Identity

Part 2: Commission Must Tweak—Rather Than Transform—the Balance of Power in NYC

Part 3: A Stronger New York Does Not Need a Weaker Mayor

Part 4: Is the Charter Revision Commission Looking at the Wrong Campaign Reforms?