Jackson Todd (Hunter College ’22) has won the Fulbright Research Scholarship for Canada. At Hunter, Jackson majored with distinction in Political Science and Urban Studies, was a Roosevelt Scholar, a Thomas Hunter Honors Scholar, a Mellon Public Humanities and Social Justice Fellow, and a Grove Fellow. Professor Laura Wolf-Powers served as his Urban Studies capstone advisor, and Professor Kenneth Erickson as his Political Science thesis advisor. Much of Jackson’s scholarly work is on various aspects of labor organizing in New York City with special emphasis on the gig economy. He has published in several newspapers and journals including The Village Voice and New York Daily News. This spring Jackson earned an M.A. in Politics from The New School for Social Research, where Victoria Hattam directed his thesis. On his Fulbright Scholarship, Jackson will spend a year at Western Ontario University studying the role of the rural-urban divide in the polarization of Canadian politics. Afterward he intends to continue his studies toward a Ph.D. in Political Science. Jackson is Hunter’s 3rd Fulbright Scholar in 2024.