Based on the research his research with Professor Peter Tuckel in the Department of Sociology at Hunter, Hunter UAP Professor William Milczarski was invited to be part of a panel at a forum held at the UN on October 17th.  The forum was entitled, “The International Conference on Global Environment, Carbon Reduction, and Eco-drive” and Milczarski discussed how using non-motorized forms of transportation, especially walking, can make a contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Milczarski was then invited to be a guest on a TV show entitled The Inside Scoop — Emerald Planet, which is part of the Emerald Planet network and is broadcasted on over 2,000 stations worldwide.  You can learn more about the Emerald Planet organization and the TV show at Milczarski had the opportunity to not only talk about his research, but also his experience at Hunter College and what a great place the UAP department is to learn about cities and urban issues. The entire one-hour show can be accessed herebut for just Milczarski’s 15-minute segment, click here.