Sitting in classes that encourage peers to debate the merits of their own real life situations with an article or lecture serving as context has drastically expanded my own approach to solving problems. I’ve become more comfortable experimenting with new ideas and thinking outside-the-box when approached with an obstacle after debating the same pros and cons during discussions at Hunter.

MUP student, Ahmed Tigani, spent four years at the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs redirecting new and gently used goods to nonprofit arts organizations and public schools before joining the Hunter UAP community. A deep interest in community involvement, particularly the role of technology in creating new avenues for citizen participation, prompted his return to Hunter for graduate school. As a planning student, Ahmed has researched the viability of food manufacturing in Northern Brooklyn, completed a housing fellowship and led a redistricting project also in Brooklyn.

I appreciate the focus on advocacy planning and the emphasis on the community’s voice when decisions are being considered to changes in the local landscape.

He currently serves as an urban planner for Community Board 6 as part of the Manhattan Borough President’s Community Planning Fellowship. Ahmed is an avid follower of developments in education and transportation policy. You can follow him at inahmedwetrust on Twitter.