While researching schools I heavily considered three things: progressive ideas, location and affordability. Hunter UAP meets all of my criteria.

MUP student Jenny Wun relocated to New York City from the Bay Area in California. She currently serves as a Community Board Fellow in Manhattan Community Board 9 on the Arts and Culture Committee. She helped to develop a survey tool which is being used to capture data on local artists and arts-related organizations. The intention is to use that data to create an accessible directory, to learn more about the evolving and growing arts community in West Harlem and their needs and to strengthen and preserve the legacy of West Harlem art and culture. 

While at Hunter, Jenny has also discovered the joys of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Not exactly a technophile when she began, Jenny has conquered any trepidation and embraced the wonder that can be found in spatial analysis.

Visual mapping is becoming an essential tool in all fields of planning. Now I can proudly say I can make a chloropleth population map!

In addition to GIS, her favorite class so far has been Cities and Health with Prof. John Chin. The class explores the evolution of health and planning while framing the discourse around race and class.

Once she completes her degree program, Jenny hopes to continue to do advocacy work in communities maybe even by providing mapping assistance.