STUDIO | 2018-2019
Hastings-on-Hudson Waterfront Brownfield Redevelopment

The Village of Hastings-on-Hudson of Westchester County, New York, has requested a revenue positive, 100-year vision of the town’s waterfront redevelopment site. The Studios’ goals and objectives for the project are to implement our methods and approach for the planning process and the foundation of our 100-year vision. The deliverable for the client is a report which includes a summary of the analysis, methods, key findings, and a recommended 100-year vision for the waterfront site for our priorities of sustainability, community and economic development, placemaking, and transportation and circulation.  This report will include visual content such as maps and renderings for our narrative piece and presentation. The Hunter MUP Fall Studio has used this semester to apply the skills learned throughout the course of our tenure in the MUP program to fully implement these abilities for this project.

At a Glance
The Village of Hastings-on-Hudson of Westchester County, New York
Angela Oberg
John Antokas
David Clarke-Hazlett
Hiba Hadeed
Carly Kramer
Saundra Manalowicz
Melanie Martha
Sarah Murphy
Christian Shields
Kate Stryker
Michael Zapata
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