UPP Chair Joseph Viteritti participated in a three-way conversation with Jarrett Murphy, executive editor of City Limits (moderator) and journalist/author Juan Gonzalez, “The de Blasio Authors Weigh In: Juan Gonzalez and Joseph Viteritti on the Mayor’s Past and Future.” A edited transcript of the conversation has been published simultaneously online in City Limits and the Nation magazines along with complete podcasts (November 8).

Professor Viteritti also has written two op eds: “Politics, Money, and the Spirit of the Law: Why New York State Needs a Constitutional Convention, ” Gotham Gazette (November 7);  and “De Blasio: A Liberal and a True Original,” Daily News, (October 30).

Professor Viteritti has also been quoted in New York Magazine (November 8) and The Guardian (November 7) in stories regarding the recent election.